Cinnamon Pumpkin Crepes (Paleo)

Are you ready for more pumpkin? 😛 These cinnamon pumpkin crepes are filled with vanilla greek yogurt, almond butter and berries. I topped them with maple syrup, desiccated coconut and more cinnamon. Obviously greek yogurt is not strictly paleo, but like always you can fill and top these with whatever you like. These crepes are paleoContinue reading “Cinnamon Pumpkin Crepes (Paleo)”

Mango FroYo Cheesecake Ice Cream Cake

What?! I know what you’re probably thinking. Dafuq is a froyo cheesecake ice cream cake? Is that frozen yogurt or cheesecake or ice cream or cake? Well, it’s all of the above! See, it’s my boyfriend’s birthday and he loves mangoes. I mean he will see mangoes and drool and the amount of saliva producedContinue reading “Mango FroYo Cheesecake Ice Cream Cake”