Natalie is a food and travel lover based in Sydney. She loves exploring foreign places, trying new feeds and documenting her journeys through photography.

You can follow her adventures on Instagram: @nutellasum

Or reach her at: nataliesum@me.com

6 replies to About
  1. Love the food photos. Somehow came to follow you on Insto. Makes me miss my home in Sydney so much. Keep it up and remind me why I need to move back!

  2. You should keep your blog going, it has heaps of potential like your insta! And its nice to see a side to you where you are free to express exactly what you think about a restaurant! Loveee your insta btw!

  3. Hi Natalie!

    You have amazing photos! I love the blur background aesthetic. What camera do you use for all your photos? Like @pammseyy suggested, it would amazing if you can provide a tutorial on how you edit your photos?

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