Aqua S

Today, I finally visited Chur Burger for the first time (I know.. Please don’t judge) and now I understand iFat‘s obsession with it. That pulled pork burger was so so delicious. But that’s a post for another time because today the focus is on a newly opened ice cream parlour, Aqua S.

You’ll most likely have seen on your social media feed photos of this bright blue soft serve sitting atop a fluffy cloud. If you haven’t, you most likely live under a rock. I know for a fact that I saw maybe ten photos on my feed in one day some time last week.. That probably contributed to the reason why Aqua S blew up like crazy, from an almost empty store to having a long, long line and a 30 minute wait (on average) when we went at around 8pm.

The flavors they have at the moment are: sea salt, lemon tea, and biscotti. (You can check their Instagram page to see the current flavors as they change them every two weeks). In terms of toppings, they have fairy floss, caramel popcorn, poprock candy and toasted marshmallow. It’s available in either a cone or a cup.

Sea salt + lemon tea soft serve with caramelized popcorn and fairy floss on a cone. Look at the fluffy fluffy cotton candy cloud!

We tried all of the flavors and I have to say my favorite would be the combination of sea salt and lemon tea. It was sweet, salty and sour all at the same time. Super refreshing and perfect for when you’re already in a semi-food-coma after some epic burgers. I’m not too convinced that either of the flavors on its own would be my thing though (would be too salty and too sour?). Biscotti, on the other hand, was very tasty on its own and I can imagine it to go well with both the other flavors.

Lemon tea with caramelized popcorn and toasted marshmallow
Biscotti with poprock.. in a cup with a cone LOL

Final words of advice:
1. The fairy floss is really photogenic but almost impossible to eat, and honestly it didn’t add much to the ice cream in terms of flavor or texture and is there purely for aesthetic reasons. But I ain’t complaining. Anything for the shot, right? ;P

2. A cup would be a lot less messy to eat than a cone since the soft serve melts pretty fast, so you better devour it quick or you’ll end up with ice cream soup all over your hands (or if you’re unfortunate, pants).

They also have a new green tea flavor! LOLJOKES that’s from Chanoma which is right opposite of Aqua S 😛

Aqua S Ice Cream Parlour
Shop 27, Level 10, 501 George Street, Sydney 2000
Telephone 0406 970 070

6 thoughts on “Aqua S

    1. I know right! I reckon Isaac has what it takes to go professional 😏
      And yess the biscotti is good! I can’t wait to see what new flavors they come up with!

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