Chocolate Pumpkin Mousse Pot Plant (Vegan)


Yes I ate a pot plant for dessert. You know, soil and all. It was delicious.

Justttt kidding. Did I get you? Haha. This is chocolate pumpkin mousse topped with homemade oreo crumbs!

So a few months ago I saw this picture on Instagram of mint ice cream being served in this way and I thought that was awesome. I’ve been wanting to recreate something similar but of course with healthy ingredients. When I saw the clean pumpkin treat challenge on @busygirlseatclean’s Instagram a few days ago, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to experiment with a chocolate pumpkin butter thing that I created accidentally during exam period (My creativity seems to run most wildly when I’m under stressful situations, when I don’t actually have the time to be creative -.-). But yeah TIME TO PLAY WITH FOOD! 😀


Since I didn’t have any mint leaves on hand, I actually went and picked some random leaves from the bushes outside my apartment LOL. You can do this too if you don’t have mint. Just be sure to clean the leaves first so you’re not eating actual dirt and bug poop and whatnot.

Had so much fun photographing and eating this with my boyfriend and housemates! Since it was night-time and the lighting was crappy in my apartment, we were actually using two different iPhones as our light sources and moving them up and down and left and right in attempt to get the perfect angles. We probably looked ridiculous since my other housemate walked by and laughed. Fun times!


Note: The recipe below makes a single portion (or two tiny ones if your pots/ containers are tiny), so multiply the recipe as you need!

4 T pumpkin paste*
1 T almond butter (or other nut butters)
2.5 T dutch processed cocoa**
1/4 t instant coffee granules
1/4 t raw sugar (OR other sweeteners of choice)
4 drops stevia (OR an extra 1 t raw sugar OR other sweeteners of choice)
1 T milk of choice
2 oreo cookies***

1. Mix everything except the oreos until well combined.
2. Put mousse in a small transparent container (or for a more realistic result, put in a mini clay pot!).
3. Crush the oreo cookies until they become crumbs and resemble soil. Place on top of mousse. Decorate with mint or random leaves/ shoots of choice.
4. Take a billion photos of pot plant then dig in!

*Use store bought or make your own by roasting a wedge of pumpkin at 180C for 40 mins then blend in VitaMix until smooth.

**Regular cocoa is fine it just won’t look as dark.

***Make your own with this recipe! So much healthier and they taste just as amazing (if not better!).

Have fun planting! 😉

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